If Your Content Isn’t Driving Conversation, You’re Doing It Wrong

LinkedIn’s Executive Editor Shares Advice for Fearless Marketers

May 13, 2014

Recently, LinkedIn’s Executive EditorDan Roth被要求出现在前面of approximately 500 “Fearless” marketers at theDigitas Newfront.event in NYC. The focus of the event: to spark a dialogue about how companies and their leaders should not be afraid to make bold decisions. At LinkedIn, we call it “taking intelligent risks.”


Want to see Dan’s full 15-minute presentation? Watch the videohere.

来自LinkedIn的执行编辑,Dan Roth的经验教训:

1. Modern journalism: It’s a blend of art, science and people.

Dan’s personal story is a captivating one, having left a long-time business journalism career to help change the face of media in his new role at LinkedIn. Why the change? Dan shares how he saw a shift in the way writers and marketers would blend new ingredients to create a successful story, with a vital new ingredient – people – at the center.

今天,伟大的作家将数据结合起来了解工作的工作以及没有(科学)和讲故障以吸引眼球和建立关系(艺术)的内容。拍摄netflix:例如:数据通知您想要的DVD;讲故事 - 以卡的房子的形式 - 使服务非常宝贵。但是,第三个要素,您的受众必须获得参与和讲述自己的故事的平台,添加自己的轶事,正确和辩论您分享的内容。内容只是他们的开始;谈话是国王。并在允许专业人士建立自己品牌的空间中,以及他们为他们所作的公司的品牌令人难以置信的强大。

2. LinkedIn:这不仅仅是工作;这是关于帮助专业人士通过内容构建品牌。

For the first 10 years, LinkedIn was a place you went to look for jobs and connect with others who could help you in that pursuit. But today, it’s much more than that.

“LinkedIn不仅仅是关于将人们联系在一起了 - 这是关于允许人们创造,评论并分享将帮助他们更好的内容。”

2011年,LinkedIn开始成为今天成为LinkedIn的专业出版平台的过程。一年后,我们推出了原创内容LinkedIn有影响力的人. People like Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Angela Ahrendts, and Ban Ki-Moon share insights, ideas and anecdotes about how they got where they are on our platform. And as more content has been shared, we have learned through data what’s working and what’s not, and we’ve shared these insights to enable richer conversations.

现在,我们已经推出了成员的能力在LinkedIn上发布, allowing this original content to become part of their professional profile, to be share with their trusted network and, if compelling enough, to reach the largest group of professionals ever assembled. Our members use this content to improve their reputations, accelerate their careers and help their networks. They’re building their personal brands on LinkedIn, and it’s an exciting thing to watch.


As professionals build their personal brands by commenting on and publishing their own content, companies are realizing that each individual is tied to a company, institution, non-profit or brand of some sort. The best companies use what their employees are saying and amplify it, transforming their people into their best PR, their best ambassadors.

丹分享了一家公司 - Redfin,一个在线房地产经纪人 - 其颠覆性商业模式没有赢得传统房地产商的朋友。通过真实的内容published on LinkedIn by Redfin’s CEO, Glenn Kelman, one of his toughest business critics reached out to say how impressed she was with his thinking and how she’d even shared it with her own children. Through content, Glenn was able to shift a perception.


Dan often says, “Your content is only successful when it takes on a life of its own.” Through the power of social media today, stories come alive as more people discuss and share. As writers and marketers, we must be okay with audiences carrying our content to a new level. This means confronting fears and moving into the unknown with measured risks. For authors, it means giving up ownership of the direction of a story. For brands, it means accepting some loss of control over the message. That’s going to happen once you get the audience involved, but we should not be afraid to put content out there in a way that opens it for discussion and sharing.

I found it interesting to hear how many of our LinkedIn Influencers often share how they are terrified to push the “publish” button – but once they see the conversation rolling in, they seldom regret it. Fearlessness pays here. Even scarier is not being talked about at all.

5. Measure often; create often.


As such, we’d developed a set of tools to help brands measure and optimize the way they use content on LinkedIn. The first - Content Marketing Score - looks at the impact of content by measuring engagement, including content published by the brand and by its employees, and provides you with benchmarks compared to your company’s peers. Second, a tool called Trending Content ranks the topics that resonate most with specific audiences you are trying to reach, so that you can create content or empower your employees to create content around these engaging topics.

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions客户今天可以开始利用这些内容工具。您可以了解更多关于这些工具的更多信息here.